Monday, December 17, 2007

"[Tony] Snow prefers Iranians to U.S. college professors", (Libs With BDS Go Nuts & prefer Mullahcracy)

I had the misfortune to follow a link that led me to the above article, where a handful of "wizards" derided cancer-stricken Tony Snow's comments at Oklahoma Christian Univ. on helping the Iranian democracy movement. Below is one of the many idiotic comments:
"On the other hand, I also realize that conservative talking points emphasize the pro-American inclinations of the Iranian population. Part of this is to help justify a military confrontation — we can launch attacks without fear of inflaming the Iranian population because, at heart, they all really like us. (Indeed, we’d be “greeted as liberators.”)"
No libtard, it's to get the Iranian's to rise up and depose the mullahcracy so America DOESN'T HAVE to bomb & invade their country.

You know, the mullahcracy that strings up gays, students and women.

You leftists have so much Bush Derangement Syndrome that you are actually encouraging the failure of democracy in Iran.

Thus you give support and cover to a regime that I am sure you also believe has "a right to and a need for nuclear weapons... after all, America has them, and those horrible Israelis have them and they and America need to be countered in the mid east, OMG, BUSHCO, BUSHCO!"
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