Thursday, November 01, 2007

TAKE THE POLL AT THE END OF THIS POST: Would you torture a captured terrorist who hid bombs in your child's school?

Democrats (and some rinos) are stalling the confirmation of Judge Michael Mukasey as the new Attorney General because they aren't convinced where he stands on "waterboarding".

If a terrorist was caught hiding bombs in their child's school, you can bet Hillary, Senator Leahy of Vermont, and even Schumer would line up to rip off fingernails to get the intel.

But to satisfy their ultra-left and jihadi-excusing base, they are putting our lives at risk so they can posture as "progressives".

Tell your security-conscious neighbors to hit this poll and we'll let the Senate know where America stands (scroll down to take the poll; you do not have to register to vote).

My Ballot Box

A jihadi terrorist has been captured after hiding bombs at your child's school. You would:

Torture him until he reveals the location.

Get him a lawyer & a hearing in front of Congress so he can blame the U.S. & Israel.

Have him interviewed by Christiana Amanpour at CNN so he can blame the U.S. & Israel.

Give him a speaking engagement at Columbia University so he can blame the U.S. & Israel.

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