Tuesday, February 24, 2004

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Excerpts below from President Bush's speech opening his 2004 campaign. Monday, February 23, 2004.

... Come November, the voters are going to have a very clear choice. It's a choice between keeping the tax relief that is moving the economy forward, or putting the burden of higher taxes back on the American people. It is a choice between an America that leads the world with strength and confidence, or an America that is uncertain in the face of danger. The American people will decide between two visions of government: a government that encourages ownership and opportunity and responsibility, or a government that takes your money and makes your choices.

...We had to confront corporate crimes that cost people jobs and savings. So we passed the strongest corporate reforms since Franklin Roosevelt, and made it clear that we will not tolerate dishonesty in the boardrooms of America.

We saw war and grief arrive on a quiet September morning -- and from that day to this, we have pursued terrorists across the world. We've captured or killed many of the key leaders of the al Qaeda network, and the rest of them know we're on their trail. There is no cave or hole deep enough to hide them.

We confronted the dangers of state-sponsored terror, and the spread of weapons of mass destruction. We have used the power of this country to end forever two of the most violent and dangerous regimes on Earth. More than 50 million people in Afghanistan and Iraq are reclaiming the rights and dignity of free men and women -- and America has been proud, once again, to lead the armies of liberation.

... Great events will turn on this election. The man who sits in the Oval Office will set the course of the war on terror, and the direction of our economy. The security and prosperity of America are at stake. Our course is clear....

... I trust the people, not Washington politicians, to make the best decisions for their own money, their own health, their own retirement, and their own lives.

Our future also depends on America's leadership in this world. The momentum of freedom in our time is strong, but we still face serious challenges. Al Qaeda is wounded, but not broken. Terrorists are testing our will in Afghanistan and Iraq. Regimes in North Korea and Iran are challenging the peace. The actions we take and the decisions we make in this decade will have consequences far into this century. If America shows weakness and uncertainty, the world will drift toward tragedy. That will not happen on my watch.

... On national security, Americans have the clearest possible choice. Our opponents say they approve of bold action in the world, but only if no other government disagrees. I'm all for united action, and so are the 34 coalition partners we have in Iraq right now. But America must never out-source America's national security decisions to the leaders of other governments.

Some of our opponents are skeptical that the war on terror is really a war at all. They view terrorism more as a crime -- a problem to be solved with law enforcement and indictments. Our nation followed that approach after the World Trade Center was bombed in 1993. The matter was handled in the courts, and thought to be settled. But the terrorists were still training in Afghanistan, plotting in other nations, and drawing up more ambitious plans. After the chaos and carnage of September the 11th, it is not enough to serve our enemies with legal papers. With those attacks, the terrorists and their supporters declared war on the United States -- and war is what they got.

... This is the work that history has set before us. We welcome it. And we know that for the United States of America, the best days still lie ahead.

God bless. Thank you all.

Thursday, February 12, 2004

Guten Morgen Baghdad! Brave & Tough Robin Williams excoriates America WHILE VISITING GERMANY...

You remember Germany, member of the axis of weasels who were so busy trading with Saddam that they tried to block us from liberating the Iraqis?

Robin Williams, foreign policy wizard

BERLIN (Hollywood Reporter) ... Williams got the biggest laughs from the packed room of international journalists and critics on Wednesday when he started taking shots at the Bush government and its search for weapons of mass destruction in Iraq.

"Bush is complaining about a lack of intelligence, which seems sort of redundant," Williams joked. "They say they don't know if Iraq had any WMDs -- well, all they have to do is ask (Vice President Dick) Cheney for the receipts.
Maybe Mrs. Doubtfire has been making so many bombs that she didn't realize that the GERMANS were helping Saddam Hussein with nuclear and chemical weapons, including poison gas.

Hey Robin, "Sprechen sie "Zyklon B"?

The scandal that enabled the ousted dictatorship Saddam Husayn to procure means to produce chemical weapons is in fact a scandal that affects Germany first and foremost.

As for the other countries -- such as the Italians, the Swedes, the French, the Dutch, the Americans, and others -- they can claim that they were duped by the defunct regime. However, until the whole truth comes out in the future, everyone should shoulder the responsibility and blame for the death of 5,000 victims in Halabjah, the thousands of victims of the Iranian army, and the thousands of victims in the steadfast Al-Ahwar region.

All these were the victims of the arsenal of death that was built with German brains and Iraqi money. The Iraqi people have every right to prepare an indictment sheet against the German government and its companies for directly assisting the defunct dictatorial regime in mercilessly killing and annihilating Iraqis. And this government should compensate the victims of the German chemical weapons in Iraq.

Who's so "intelligent" now, Robin?

Wednesday, February 11, 2004

Don't send me no flowers while you shill for Osama and Kerry..."

A recent conversation with 1-800-FLOWERS:

"Sorry, but actually I am calling to tell you why I can't order through you all for a while."

"Why is that sir?"

"Right before I called you, I heard some ridiculously slanted whiney excuse of a news story on 1010-WINS Radio. They basically read the DNC's press-release on Pres. Bush's National Guard Service, slanting the story so far to the left, even after the White House released his pay vouchers and even after the Boston Globe, the NY Times and other major media have announced there is no story there..."

"I am sorry sir, what does that have to do with you cancelling your order with 1-800-FLOWERS?"

"Well, I realize you barely have much say in ad placement, but your 1-800-FLOWERS ad came right after that story, and all I can do in my mind is associate your company with 1010-WINS shilling for John Kerry and tearing down Pres. Bush. Listen everyone's entitled to free speech, and as a consumer I am entitled to free choice, right?"

"Right sir, but what would you have us as advertisers do?"

"Well, if I were you , I would call your ad buyer and tell them to at least demand that 1010-WINS not place your ads right after these smear jobs. Because listen, those rights we were talking about, they were and are still bought and paid for by American troops, over and over, and as far as I am concerned, any news organization that keeps repeating slander against our Commander in Chief during a war, well, they are simply encouraging our enemies to fight harder and kill more of our men and women overseas."

(Long pause)...

"I mean, G-d forbid, you don't want to be making more money off funeral arrangements, do you?"

"I understand you completely sir... and I will pass your sentiments on to our managers... Thank you for calling."

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