Tuesday, July 20, 2004

Osama's "Thank You" Note to Dan Rather: ALLAH AKBAR!!

Dear Dan,

Osama LOVED your first stories on the CBS evening news tonight.

After your crocodile tears for the American soldiers who, as you carried it, so foolishly died for the Zionist pig Bush, Osama went bonkers with your next segment showing sympathy and support for the Philippines getting their man back after withdrawing their troops.

And the part where the poor Philippino thanked the al mujahedeen! Priceless! We are going to put that on a greatest hits tape along with the recent beheadings!

Never mind Dozier's required comment that some might object, you did a GREAT job closing with the threats of further violence gainst the those stupid Shinto Japs, and any arabs who might foolishly want to get in our way.

Even better was your segue into the old man being coerced into the U.S. Army, and what do you know, you found a psycho who managed to blame his suicide attempts on higher body counts!


Make sure you keep your receipts, so that we can reimburse you for the expenses in producing these vignettes.

And Dan, Osama keeps his promises. When we come back to America, we will leave you and your family and friends alone.

Well, at least for a little while... until we are done with all the Christians, Jews and fags.

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