Thursday, July 15, 2004

Brother White Bread @ the NAACP:
"bling bling, bang bang... ungowa... KERRY POWWUH!


Q: Why didn't Kerry wear his dashiki and fro out his hair when he spoke to the NAACP?

A: He didn't want to come off as if he was pandering...

Power to the Sheeple. FREE WHOOPEE GOLDBERG!

Crazy N'Fuming: "What the F*%* is this honky doing here? He thinks we're going to give him our money, along with the votes?
Somebody straighten this cracker out: we give him the votes, he gives US the $!"

The "power to the people" salute originated with and is still used by the Communist party:

The national Vietnam Vets Against the War leadership gathered in Kansas City from Friday, November 12, through Sunday, November 14 for a raucous meeting. Sparks started flying a couple of hours into the meeting when Steering Committee member Al Hubbard arrived from the airport by taxicab. Hubbard, a former Black Panther and the man who had appointed John Kerry to the VVAW leadership in the summer of 1970, had just returned from Paris where he had met with the Vietnamese communist delegations to the Paris Peace Talks.

Hubbard reported that he had just concluded negotiations with the Vietnamese Communists and they were ready to release a group of American POWs to the VVAW, provided that the VVAW would send a delegation to Hanoi around Christmas. Hubbard told the group that the Communist Party USA had paid for his trip.
Courtesy of "Winter Soldier."

We have all known many people over the years who have voted for "the lessor of two evils."

Sooner or later, some Kerry supporters are going to have to decide which is more important to them: "hating Bush," OR SADDLING AMERICA WITH KERRY, A TERRORISM-APPEASING, CADILAC-COMMIE MAROON.

Inspiration and some comments from Freerepublic.com: "CAPTION: KERRY [Black Panther Salute]"

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