Sunday, July 25, 2004

Andrew Sullivan Bends Over For Kerry

Andrew Sullivan: Kerry: the right choice for conservatives
The Sunday Times ^ | July 25, 2004 | Andrew Sullivan
Start with the war. Almost overnight after 9/11 Bush junked decades of American policy in the Middle East, abandoning attempts to manage Arab autocracies for the sake of the oil supply and instead forging a policy of radical democratisation. He invaded two countries and is trying to convert them to modern democracies.

Nothing so liberal has been attempted in a long time.

In the 2000 campaign, Bush mocked the idea of "nation building" as liberal claptrap. Now it's the centrepiece of his administration.

Dear Andrew,

It's not "liberal" to decide that obliterating dictatorships that control and/or threaten much of the worlds energy sources helps defend America.

It's about self-preservation. It's about "conserving" our way of life.

Unless you want more 9/11 attacks and unless you want to pay $5/gallon for gas, we have the choice of doing nothing or changing those regimes.

Kerry would do nothing but cut deals that let the Russian, French and the Germans make a few billions arming Iraq and Iran.

That's the "real-politic."

" Was it really necessary to insist that the Geneva conventions do not apply to detainees in the war on terror? "

Who would have guessed that you would be more interested in women's panties on men's heads than islamic-fascists cutting off our heads?

"... We need to return to the diplomatic obeisance to the United Nations. We should stop referring to a "war" on terror and return to pre-9/11 notions of terrorism, best dealt with by police work in co-ordination with our democratic allies.
I suppose you are more comfortable with the UN because they are so successful.

The UN has done nothing but keep millions of Arabs enslaved in refugee camps; they only allowed a million to die in Rwanda. They only stole billions of dollars destined for Iraqi children in the oil-for bribes scandal.

But of course, the UN has made tremendous inroads in forcing acceptance of the homosexual agenda. Soon all UN members will be forced to jail any minister or rabbi who even says the word "abomination" when reading from the Bible. I am sure you are looking forward to that great day.

" At home we need to restrain the unruly religious right."
Yes, see above. We need to restrain the religious right that refuses to knuckle under and accept homosexuality as an acceptable lifestyle. We need to restrain the religious right that believes that life begins at conception. And we certainly need to restrain the religious right that realizes that forcing Israel to knuckle under to the UN and to the islamic-fascists who want to destroy Israel IS BAD FOR AMERICA. Yes, we need to definitely restrain those people.
"... Kerry's biggest proposal - one sure to be modified by Congress - is a large increase in the number of people with health insurance. It's far more modest than that proposed by Bill and Hillary Clinton a decade ago. "
Yes, we need a health care system like Canada's where people wait months for surgery unless they can pay for it in the U.S.
"The argument that Kerry must make is that he can continue the war but without Bush's polarizing recklessness."

What planet are you on? Follywood compares Bush to genitalia and keeps repeating racist lies about the 2000 election, and you are blaming the RNC and the religious right?

Did Musto, Signorile and Raimondo threaten you with old photographs unless you finally "came out" for Kerry? Did your Euro-trash friends finally throw a perrier in your face?

"Put all that together and I may not find myself the only conservative moving slowly and reluctantly towards the notion that Kerry may be the right man - and the conservative choice - for a difficult and perilous time."
Get a clue, Andrew. A vote for Kerry will make the future even more of "a difficult and perilous time." A vote for Kerry is a vote for appeasement to Islamic-fascism. And no amount of screaming "but Achmed, I wrote what you wanted!" will save you when Osama's boys come to your upscale gay bar looking for your pretty head.

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